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Not getting your Basic & Merit Newsletter lately?


What's probably happening is the subscribers'  email systems are filtering out our emails as Spam or Junk Mail.  While I cannot cover all email systems and software that are out there, I can provide some generic steps you can take to stop the filtering:

If you always read your email via web browser (regardless of it being on a PC or mobile device):

Log in to your email account.  Look for a menu item regarding filtering of spam or  junk mail. Usually there is an option for always allowing email from a particular email address to get through to your inbox.  Set your email client to always allow emails from: 



If you read your email via "client" software such as Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Eudora:

You may need to set filtering on both web interface for your email account, and in the client software.  Follow the steps above to handle settings at the web browser level. 

Then also look for similar settings in whatever client software you use. This applies to client software on your PC, tablet or mobile device.

What's so special about the email address mantioned above?

The email system (MailChimp) uses this address as the Sender or From address. So regardless of who intiates a newsletter, it always comes from this special address. That makes it easy for everybody to set their filters just once.

 Hope this helps,




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