Local 66: Arrowhead Region



It takes volunteers, your co-workers, to get meetings going.  It takes volunteers to get flyers out and send emails.  It took volunteers to form a bargaining council and subsequent negotiating team to work on our contract. This stuff would not happen if not for volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering, here are some contacts to get you started. Otherwise if you see a need we haven't covered, please jump in and organize a crew to work on it.

Volunteer Coordinators
  • Pati Rongstad
  • Andy Fena
Flyer Distribution - Downtown
  • Pati Rongstad
  • Carol Newkumet
  • Sue Olson
  • Mike Welch
Basic & Merit Web Pages
  • Mike Welch
Workplace Bullying Workgroup
  • Julie Berg
  • Barb Samarzia
For the range and other locations, please let me know who covers these functions (and more) in your work area. I'll be glad to add to this list.  Thanks, Mike Welch












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